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Fisheye to Stereographic

Fisheye images are a way of representing a photograph with an angle of view greater than 180°. Stereographic is a conformal cartographic representation that has similar properties but with less dramatic distortion:

This experimental tool (requires the Imager and Parse::RecDescent perl modules) converts from fisheye format to stereographic:

The following pair of images show a partial 288° fisheye view created in hugin and then converted to stereographic.

074 098 Vertical Fisheye 074 098 Vertical Stereographic

The following image is a full frame fisheye with 360° horizontal angle of view.

074 098 Horizontal Fisheye 074 098 Horizontal Stereographic

The process also works for partial fisheye views. The following picture covers only 160° horizontal field of view, even so it shows heavy distortion at the sides which are corrected when converting to stereographic.

322 329 Fisheye 322 329 Stereographic

By using a 720 degree angle of view fisheye image as below (simply a 360 degree fisheye extended in the gimp by enlarging the canvas by 200%), the stereographic output has an angle of view or around 360 degrees.

Kitchen Fisheye 720 Kitchen Stereographic


Bruno Postle 2006-04-02 13:25:56

Forgot to add an example of usage. Say your fisheye has a horizontal field of view of 180°, the command-line would be something like this:

fisheye2stereographic 180 infile.png outfile.jpg

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Bruno Postle