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Posts from 2005

Mound stand

The replacement of the membrane roof over the Mound Stand at Lords Cricket ground

2005-12-19 16:16:32
MT66 Arch

This is an arch to replace a king-pole in the MT66 structure.

2005-10-28 23:30:52
Lisbon July 2005

A small selection of photos taken during a short visit to Lisbon

2005-07-31 23:11:54
The Honda Sculpture at Goodwood

The Honda sculpture formed the centrepiece of the Goodwood festival of Speed 2005

2005-06-26 13:59:54
Education Welfare Offices

Some photographs and historical data relating to the (now demolished) Education Welfare Offices, West Street Sheffield.

2005-01-05 21:45:49

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