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Pictures from a visit to Rome in November 2004

2004-11-03 13:59:54
Changing Windows CMD.EXE colours

The technique for changing the colours of text in the windows command window is insane, here are some notes to help you cope

2004-06-29 12:34:56
Castle Howard

A couple of photos taken at Castle Howard, a country house in Yorkshire

2004-05-09 10:10:10


2004-01-01 00:00:00
An open file format for Computer Aided Design (CAD)

This is a proposal born from many years frustration working with brain-dead CAD systems that seem to be designed with the vendor's interests in mind rather than the user's.

2003-08-17 20:12:13

Some photos from a visit to Marrakesh in March 2003

2003-03-13 16:52:18


2003-01-01 00:00:00

Some photos taken during a trip to istanbul in August 2002

2002-08-30 13:59:54
2002-06-13 Ian's leaving

Ian had a leaving party in the Closed Shop in June 2002

2002-06-13 12:34:56
2002-04-22 Sally Two Trees' birthday

Sally, a white rabbit is two

2002-04-22 12:34:56
2002-04-01 Nic's birthday meal

In 2002, Nic had a birthday meal in Cubana, a Cuban restaurant

2002-04-01 12:34:56
'Leninsky Prospekt' panorama

South-western district of Moscow. Leninsky Prospekt

2002-03-13 23:11:54
'Industry Square' panorama

USSR Economic Achievements Exhibition. Industry Square

2002-03-13 23:11:54
'Karl Marx monument' panorama

Karl Marx monument

2002-03-13 23:11:54
'Friendship of Peoples' Square panorama

USSR Economic Achievements Exhibition. Friendship of Peoples Square and the Main Pavilion

2002-03-13 23:11:54
Tensile 1 panorama

This is a panorama of the Tensile1 structure assembled from lots of photographs and displayed in PTViewer

2002-03-13 23:11:54
2002-03-08 Pete and Bruno's meal

In 2002 Pete and Bruno had a combined meal at an Italian restaurant

2002-03-08 12:34:56


2002-01-01 00:00:00
2001-12-31 New Year's Eve

New year's 2002 in the Closed Shop pub

2001-12-31 12:34:56
2001-12-25 Christmas parties

A couple of Christmas parties in 2001

2001-12-25 12:34:56
2001-12-18 Robyn's birthday

Robyn had a birthday meal at a Chinese restaurant in 2001

2001-12-18 12:34:56
2001-07-14 Lorraine's birthday

Lorrain had a birthday meal at Cubana's a “cuban” bar.

2001-07-14 12:34:56
2001-07-08 Whirlies coming out party

Whirlies are Lulu's cats, lots of pictures of kittens

2001-07-08 12:34:56
A twenty-pole Kayam Concert Tent

The 20-pole Kayam concert tent is about 7,500m² (80,730 ft²), blue and has an internal span of 40m (131 ft). This was the main stage the Summer Sound System.

2001-06-13 23:11:54
A six-pole MT66

The MT66 structure is a larger system than the Kayam with a span of 66m (217 ft), though this six-pole installation had a smaller internal area (5,010m², 53,930 ft²) than the Kayam. This isn't the largest structural system of it's kind, the Tensile1/Valhalla tent is bigger.

2001-06-13 23:11:54
The No Fit State 'Flying Saucer'

The No-Fit-State structure is much smaller than other structures like the kayam, valhalla or MT66, it's only 36m (118 ft) diameter. Though with a purple interior, a silver exterior and no visible support, it's unique.

2001-06-13 23:11:54
2001-06-07 Lulu's birthday

More snaps of Lulu's birthday in the Cobden View

2001-06-07 12:34:56
2001-05-12 Closed shop BBQ

The Closed Shop is a pub, here is a Closed shop_BBQ

2001-05-12 12:34:56
2001-04-15 Sally's birthday

Sally is a white rabbit. There are pictures of Sally's birthday

2001-04-15 12:34:56
2001-04-07 Steve's birthday

Steve Jones' birthday at tehe Closed Shop April 2001

2001-04-07 12:34:56
2001-04-01 Nic's birthday

Some snaps of Nic's birthday at Kpasa in April 2001

2001-04-01 12:34:56
2001-03-28 Alison's birthday

Snaps of Alison's birthday at the Cobden View

2001-03-28 12:34:56
2001-03-01 Siobhan's brthday

The Closed Shop was the venue for Siobhan's birthday in March 2001

2001-03-01 12:34:56
A Cylindrical-mirror telescope

A proposal for building a telescope using a number of cylindrical/parabolic mirrors instead of spherical/parabolic mirrors

2001-02-05 23:11:54
2001-01-26 Caroline leaving

More snaps of Caroline's leaving party at Jenny's.

2001-01-26 12:34:56
Image Patterner

This is some software I'm writing to create cutting patterns for 3d surfaces. This is similar to Patterner for Windows except that instead of just outputting an outline for cutting, it outputs a series of full-colour images for printing based on any source image. For example, using this program I can pre-print all the panels of a complex shape like a tent so that the structure has a photograph printed over the entire surface.

2001-01-12 23:11:54
Spherical projection onto a spherical mesh

Image patterner is capable of mapping an image onto any rectangular mesh surface, not just a sphere

2001-01-12 23:11:54
IP Slicer

This is a perl script for taking a spherical panorama image (or a spherical globe map) and slicing it into segments suitable for sticking together into a 3d sphere.

2001-01-12 23:11:54
Curve test

A test of ip-slicer to see how latitudinal lines are mapped to the segments of a sphere

2001-01-12 23:11:54
Paper models of planets

A black and white image of the moon assembled from Clementine images and a relief map of mars, split with IP Slicer into segments of a sphere.

2001-01-12 23:11:54


2001-01-01 00:00:00
2000-12-22 Present Party

There was a present party where presents were exchanged.

2000-12-22 12:34:56
2000-11-16 Jane's Graduation

Jane got her degree this year, the ceremony was held at Sheffield City Hall.

2000-11-16 12:34:56
2000-10-14 Jenny's Birthday

Lots of photos of Jenny's cocktail party, which was very sophisticated with fireworks and food as well.

2000-10-14 12:34:56
2000-10-07 John's Birthday

Some photos of John's birthday at Sheiks Lebanese restaurant in Sheffield, which we all agreed was very nice.

2000-10-07 12:34:56
2000-08-22 Jane's Birthday

Plus Some more pictures from Jane's birthday meal.

2000-08-22 12:34:56
2000-08-19 Jane's Birthday Party

Lots and lots of pictures taken at Janes birthday party in the ‘Closed Shop’. Plus Some more pictures from Jane's birthday meal.

2000-08-19 12:34:56
2000-08-12 Dave Harry Leaving

I know it's not a birthday, but I can't think of anywhere better to put these photos

2000-08-12 12:34:56
2000-06-26 Nana's Birthday

Nana Whittaker lots of 90th birthday pictures

2000-06-26 12:34:56
2000-04-29 May day Festival 1

The 2000 May Day festival and parade in Sheffield, various photos page one.

2000-04-29 23:11:54
2000-04-29 May day Festival 2

The 2000 May Day festival and parade in Sheffield, various photos page two.

2000-04-29 23:11:54
2000-04-29 May day Festival 3

The 2000 May Day festival and parade in Sheffield, various photos page three.

2000-04-29 23:11:54
2000-04-20 Charlotte's Birthday

There are some pictures taken on Charlottes birthday 2000.

2000-04-20 12:34:56
2000-04-06 Steve's Birthday

Steve had a couple of drinks at the Cobden View for his 2000 birthday.

2000-04-06 12:34:56
2000-04-02 Nic's Birthday

Gee, there's lots of pictures here. Nic went to O'Hagans For a drink.

2000-04-02 12:34:56
2000-04-01 Alex's Birthday

Alex went to the boozer for her birthday in 2000 See the pictures here.

2000-04-01 12:34:56
2000-03-05 The Slingshots at the New Barrack Tavern

The Slingshots at the New Barrack Tavern, Hillsborough Sheffield.

2000-03-05 12:34:56
2000-02-02 Chris' Birthday

More photos this time of Chris's 2000 birthday in the Dog and Partridge pub in Sheffield.

2000-02-02 12:34:56
2000-01-30 Sam's Birthday

I took some pictures at Sams 13th birthday at the Pizza Volante on West Street in Sheffield. Sorry, this page is password protected as well.

2000-01-30 12:34:56
2000-01-29 Colin's Birthday

I took some pictures at Colins 32nd birthday. This page is password protected to protect the innocent, so unless someone told you the password you can't see it

2000-01-29 12:34:56
Tensile1 Photos

Tensile1 ‘The worlds biggest mobile tent’ was used here in Sheffield for Gatecrasher's New Years Eve millenium party. I took pictures every day as the structure went-up, during and after the event.

2000-01-13 23:11:54
2000-01-07 Seb's Birthday

Doesn't time fly, Seb went to the closed shop for this birthday in 2000 too

2000-01-07 12:34:56


2000-01-01 00:00:00
1999-12-22 Present Party

Many christmas presents were exchanged for Christmas 1999.

1999-12-22 12:34:56
1999-11-24 Robyn's Birthday

Robyn went to the Lyceum theatre to see a play for her 1999 birthday. Before that she went to the brown bear for a drink

1999-11-24 12:34:56
1999-10-16 Jenny's Birthday

Jenny had a meal at the Jaflong for her 1999 birthday, where the paparazzi took some pics

1999-10-16 12:34:56
Panorama links

I'm interested in Panoramic photography and viewers – Plus anything related like mapping panoramas onto structures or maps onto objects.

1999-10-10 23:11:54
Postle Links

A small and random list of links to other Postle related web pages

1999-10-10 23:11:54
Sailing Barge links

Sailing Barges once numbered in their thousands around the coast of Britain. Now they are maintained by enthusiasts or survive as houseboats.

1999-10-10 23:11:54
Tent Designers

Various architects, engineers and designers involved in the design of large fabric structures. I would like this to become a comprehensive list of all the designers in the field, so if you know of any links that should be here, then please add a link.

1999-10-10 23:11:54
Tent Manufacturers

Various people and companies world-wide who make fabric structures and buildings.

1999-10-10 23:11:54
Tent design Software

This should eventually become a comprehensive list of available design tools for membrane and fabric structures.

1999-10-10 23:11:54
1999-06-14 Lulu's Birthday

Lulu went to the Cobden View for her 1999 birthday. Some photos were taken for you to see.

1999-06-14 12:34:56
Tensile 1 "the worlds largest mobile venue"

Pictures of Tensile 1 otherwise known as Valhalla, the Worlds Largest Mobile Venue

1999-03-13 23:11:54

This is a new directory to put all those photos of various birthdays. Due to popular demand (not to mention threats) most of these pictures are password protected.

1999-01-08 12:34:56
1999-01-08 Seb's Birthday

Seb spent his 1999 birthday in the Closed Shop, here are the photos.

1999-01-08 12:34:56


1999-01-01 00:00:00
Doom2 levels

These are some doom2 “wads” I created years ago, you'll need a full version of doom2 to play them

1997-05-10 23:11:54


1997-01-01 00:00:00
World of VRML tent architecture

This is a very old collection of VRML models

1996-09-03 12:34:56
Profile for mouldings

Some interactive software for designing architectural profiles such as architraves, cornices etc..

1996-02-05 23:11:54


1996-01-01 00:00:00
CV Resume

Bruno's CV is no longer available

1995-06-03 12:34:56
Teesside Canoe Club Canopy

Pictures of Teesside canoe club canopy

1995-03-13 23:11:54


1995-01-01 00:00:00
Staffordshire Wharf Events Area Canopy

Pictures of Staffordshire Wharf events arena canopy

1994-10-10 23:11:54
University of Westminster sunshade canopies

Pictures of Sunshade canopies at the University of Westminster

1994-09-13 23:11:54
Mepal Outdoor Centre

Pictures of Mepal outdoor center Tented roof

1994-08-10 23:11:54


1994-01-01 00:00:00
BMW Stand

Pictures of a mobile display unit canopy for BMW

1993-07-10 23:11:54
Steel Canopy

Pictures of an unbuilt steel canopy

1993-06-13 23:11:54
Small Canopy

Picture of a small organic curved steel canopy with a link to a small VRML model of the same

1993-06-13 23:11:54
Cardiff Bay Pavilion

Picture of The Cardiff Bay development corporation pavilion at the Ebbw Vale garden festival

1992-07-10 23:11:54
Stilt House

Pictures of a design for a house

1992-03-13 23:11:54
Kayam Theatre Tent

pictures of the inside and outside of the kayam tent

1991-08-10 23:11:54

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