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Tensile1 Photos

Tensile1 ‘The worlds biggest mobile tent’ was used here in Sheffield for Gatecrasher's New Years Eve millenium party. I took pictures every day as the structure went-up, during and after the event.

These are some introductory images. Some were taken at previous installations of Tensile1 and some are rendered images showing the installation at Don-Valley Stadium.

16 Pole Exterior 16 Pole Interior01 16 Pole Interior02 16 Pole Interior03 16 Pole Laid Out Aerial Montage01 Aerial Montage02 Guinness Record Montage

Update, 20th January 2000: If you can't be bothered to wade through all these images, I've made a quick selection of my favourites.

Update Oct 2005, I've removed the thousands of images of Tensile 1 that were on this site, there is now just this selection.

19991123 Don Valley Stadium 7 19991206 Don Valley Stadium 4 19991206 Don Valley Stadium 6 19991207 Don Valley Stadium 10 19991207 Don Valley Stadium 2 19991208 Don Valley Stadium 13 1999 T1 Aerial Montage02 1999 T1 Montage A frames Axis13 Bale ring Bale ring Offfloor Blizzard1 Circle3 Fabric Laid Out4 Fitting3 Inside04a Inside04 Inside08 Inside14 Inside1a Inside1 Inside3 Inside Interior3 Lifting05 Lifting10 Panorama A3a Panorama A3 Panorama A6 Panorama A Panorama B04 Panorama B2a Panorama B2 Panorama C2a Panorama C2 Panorama C8 Pulpit2 Pulpits2 Snow3 Snow Truss1 Trussing3 View1 View From Flame View From Hill

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