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China sculpture for one million Audis

This was a temporary sculpture built for a ceremony to celebrate the millionth Audi made in China.

2010-10-01 12:34:56
Alfa Romeo sculpture at Goodwood Festival of Speed

The Alfa Romeo sculpture at the 2010 Goodwood festival of Speed was two loops of steel tube tied into a ‘bow’.

2010-07-01 12:34:56
Pannini article in New Scientist

They managed to cut my name out from the print edition, but the online version is slightly better

2010-06-26 12:34:56
CAe paper - Pannini: A New Projection for Rendering Wide Angle Perspective Images

The widely used rectilinear perspective projection cannot render realistic looking flat views with fields of view much wider than 70°. Yet 18th century artists known as ‘view painters’ depicted wider architectural scenes without visible perspective distortion …

2010-06-01 00:00:00
Sheffield Gigapixel

This is the view of Sheffield from Parkwood Springs near the ski-slope

2010-04-11 12:34:56

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