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A Cylindrical-mirror telescope

A proposal for building a telescope using a number of cylindrical/parabolic mirrors instead of spherical/parabolic mirrors

A six-pole MT66

The MT66 structure is a larger system than the Kayam with a span of 66m (217 ft), though this six-pole installation had a smaller internal area (5,010m², 53,930 ft²) than the Kayam. This isn't the largest structural system of it's kind, the Tensile1/Valhalla tent is bigger.

A twenty-pole Kayam Concert Tent

The 20-pole Kayam concert tent is about 7,500m² (80,730 ft²), blue and has an internal span of 40m (131 ft). This was the main stage the Summer Sound System.

Curve test

A test of ip-slicer to see how latitudinal lines are mapped to the segments of a sphere

Image Patterner

This is some software I'm writing to create cutting patterns for 3d surfaces. This is similar to Patterner for Windows except that instead of just outputting an outline for cutting, it outputs a series of full-colour images for printing based on any source image. For example, using this program I can pre-print all the panels of a complex shape like a tent so that the structure has a photograph printed over the entire surface.

IP Slicer

This is a perl script for taking a spherical panorama image (or a spherical globe map) and slicing it into segments suitable for sticking together into a 3d sphere.

Paper models of planets

A black and white image of the moon assembled from Clementine images and a relief map of mars, split with IP Slicer into segments of a sphere.

Spherical projection onto a spherical mesh

Image patterner is capable of mapping an image onto any rectangular mesh surface, not just a sphere

The No Fit State 'Flying Saucer'

The No-Fit-State structure is much smaller than other structures like the kayam, valhalla or MT66, it's only 36m (118 ft) diameter. Though with a purple interior, a silver exterior and no visible support, it's unique.

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