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Spherical projection onto a spherical mesh

The source image for this example is a nasa map of the world showing Sea algae colour. There is no significance to this image, it just happens to be high-resolution and suitable for spherical mapping. Any Image would do for this job including a spherical panorama type image.

Image patterner is capable of mapping an image onto any rectangular mesh surface, not just a sphere (which is a special case of a rectangular mesh with double curvature). Different mapping types include planar and cylindrical as well as spherical.


Source image scaled down approximately 20% for the web.


Output Images scaled down Approximately 40% for the web. You could print this, cut out the shapes and stick them together to form a globe.


This is a rendered image of the source image mapped onto the spherical mesh. The lines of longitude are not the same as those used in the example above, but you'll get the idea :-)

Image patterner is a development of the Patterner tent design package.

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