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1999-01-08 Seb's Birthday

Seb spent his 1999 birthday in the Closed Shop, here are the photos.

1999-06-14 Lulu's Birthday

Lulu went to the Cobden View for her 1999 birthday. Some photos were taken for you to see.

1999-10-16 Jenny's Birthday

Jenny had a meal at the Jaflong for her 1999 birthday, where the paparazzi took some pics

1999-11-24 Robyn's Birthday

Robyn went to the Lyceum theatre to see a play for her 1999 birthday. Before that she went to the brown bear for a drink

1999-12-22 Present Party

Many christmas presents were exchanged for Christmas 1999.

2000-01-07 Seb's Birthday

Doesn't time fly, Seb went to the closed shop for this birthday in 2000 too

2000-01-29 Colin's Birthday

I took some pictures at Colins 32nd birthday. This page is password protected to protect the innocent, so unless someone told you the password you can't see it

2000-01-30 Sam's Birthday

I took some pictures at Sams 13th birthday at the Pizza Volante on West Street in Sheffield. Sorry, this page is password protected as well.

2000-02-02 Chris' Birthday

More photos this time of Chris's 2000 birthday in the Dog and Partridge pub in Sheffield.

2000-04-01 Alex's Birthday

Alex went to the boozer for her birthday in 2000 See the pictures here.

2000-04-02 Nic's Birthday

Gee, there's lots of pictures here. Nic went to O'Hagans For a drink.

2000-04-06 Steve's Birthday

Steve had a couple of drinks at the Cobden View for his 2000 birthday.

2000-04-20 Charlotte's Birthday

There are some pictures taken on Charlottes birthday 2000.

2000-06-26 Nana's Birthday

Nana Whittaker lots of 90th birthday pictures

2000-08-12 Dave Harry Leaving

I know it's not a birthday, but I can't think of anywhere better to put these photos

2000-08-19 Jane's Birthday Party

Lots and lots of pictures taken at Janes birthday party in the ‘Closed Shop’. Plus Some more pictures from Jane's birthday meal.

2000-08-22 Jane's Birthday

Plus Some more pictures from Jane's birthday meal.

2000-10-07 John's Birthday

Some photos of John's birthday at Sheiks Lebanese restaurant in Sheffield, which we all agreed was very nice.

2000-10-14 Jenny's Birthday

Lots of photos of Jenny's cocktail party, which was very sophisticated with fireworks and food as well.

2000-11-16 Jane's Graduation

Jane got her degree this year, the ceremony was held at Sheffield City Hall.

2000-12-22 Present Party

There was a present party where presents were exchanged.

2001-01-26 Caroline leaving

More snaps of Caroline's leaving party at Jenny's.

2001-03-01 Siobhan's brthday

The Closed Shop was the venue for Siobhan's birthday in March 2001

2001-03-28 Alison's birthday

Snaps of Alison's birthday at the Cobden View

2001-04-01 Nic's birthday

Some snaps of Nic's birthday at Kpasa in April 2001

2001-04-07 Steve's birthday

Steve Jones' birthday at tehe Closed Shop April 2001

2001-04-15 Sally's birthday

Sally is a white rabbit. There are pictures of Sally's birthday

2001-05-12 Closed shop BBQ

The Closed Shop is a pub, here is a Closed shop_BBQ

2001-06-07 Lulu's birthday

More snaps of Lulu's birthday in the Cobden View

2001-07-08 Whirlies coming out party

Whirlies are Lulu's cats, lots of pictures of kittens

2001-07-14 Lorraine's birthday

Lorrain had a birthday meal at Cubana's a “cuban” bar.

2001-12-18 Robyn's birthday

Robyn had a birthday meal at a Chinese restaurant in 2001

2001-12-25 Christmas parties

A couple of Christmas parties in 2001

2001-12-31 New Year's Eve

New year's 2002 in the Closed Shop pub

2002-03-08 Pete and Bruno's meal

In 2002 Pete and Bruno had a combined meal at an Italian restaurant

2002-04-01 Nic's birthday meal

In 2002, Nic had a birthday meal in Cubana, a Cuban restaurant

2002-04-22 Sally Two Trees' birthday

Sally, a white rabbit is two

2002-06-13 Ian's leaving

Ian had a leaving party in the Closed Shop in June 2002

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