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Doom2 levels

Several years ago I wasted some time creating new levels for the Doom][ game.

Download them all in a zip archive, start with BRUNO09.WAD, that's the best.

level 01 – The library

This is a level with a bit of everything, a nice indoor library and a couple of big outdoor bits.

The Library

level 03 – The Temple

A little outdoor level, some stuff to shoot at.

The Temple

level 05 – The Castle

Infiltrate the castle – lots of monsters.

The Castle

level 06 – One Big Stompy Monster

Turn the volume up and try to stay out of sight… The second best of all my levels.

One Big Stompy Monster

level 07 – The Arena

Keep moving since there's always something new around the corner.

The Arena

level 08 – Soldiers

Not much to this level, I'd skip it myself.


level 09 – The Sewers

This is the one level that is actually quite good. Loads of monsters, plenty of detail and good gameplay. This thing should win prizes, really it should.

The Sewers The Sewers The Sewers The Sewers The Sewers The Sewers


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Bruno Postle