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The Honda Sculpture at Goodwood

Dscn2527 Dscn2533 Dscn2542 Dscn2546 Dscn2549 Goodwood Honda Wide Goodwood Honda Six Arm Wireframe

The Honda statue sculpture formed the centrepiece of the 2005 Goodwood Festival of Speed. The designer was Gerry Judah, the structural engineers were NRM-Bobrowski and the fabricators were Littlehampton welding.

What the photos miss is that the arms holding the classic formula one cars move up and down in the wind.

Here is a largish quote from a Honda press release:

A spectacular display depicting the proudest moments in Honda's motorsport history is set to win critical acclaim from the 160,000 people attending the 2005 Goodwood Festival of Speed.

The latest sculpture celebrating six world famous Honda-powered Grand Prix cars is the tallest structure ever seen outside the 300-year-old stately home in Sussex. The 50 metre high, 30 metre wide work of art features massive ‘swinging arms’ made of toughened steel, supported by a massive base. In total there were more than 80 tons of steel used – with foundations dug 8 metres deep.

Six F1 cars are fixed to the base of each 50m long arm in order of their year of success. The key to this magnificent structure is the fact that this is the first time ever the cars will actually move up and down creating a ‘mobile’ effect to entertain the fans. The six cars on display – three actual cars and three replicas – were donated by Honda, Lotus, McLaren and BAR Honda. Special Italian designed lighting makes the display even more dramatic at night.

The attraction was created by architectural and sculptural designer Gerry Judah and his production team, who took more than a year to design and build it. “To make a powerful and dramatic impact the display needed to be both iconic and dynamic,” said Gerry. “Honda's three eras of F1 challenge was a perfect opportunity to enhance the effect with the ‘swinging arm concept’ – it's the most powerful and dramatic centrepiece I have ever created.”

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