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Audi sculpture at Goodwood Festival of Speed

The 2009 sculpture at the goodwood festival was a steel 'loop' with an Audi Streamliner at one end and a modern Audi at the other. I like the photo with the kids climbing all over it, something delightful we didn't expect.

DSC_8128-DSC_8139_fused-planet.jpg Audi 04 DSCN9672.JPG Audi 02

There were a lot of interesting things about this one: we wanted it to be like a continuous swooping curve, but in practice you can only have tube this size rolled to fixed radii and expect it to come back a predictable shape, so this is actually four identical arcs of steel tube and two straight sections, the arcs are rotated 6 degrees at each junction giving the spiral, all the fins are sections of cones so could be rolled without having to introduce any twisting.

Audi 10

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